Labour Party

The Labour Party of the United Kingdom is currently the "Official Opposition" (second largest group of members of Parliament) in the British Parliament. The Labour Party previously controlled the Parliament from 1997 to 2010, the roughly the same time period that Labour Party members Tony Blair (1997 - 2007) and Gordon Brown (2007 - 2010) were each Prime Minster.

The Labour Party is part of Socialist International. In its founding, the Labour Party had ties to the Fabian Society.

Speech Relevance[edit]

From 'A Time For Choosing':

Back in 1936, Mr. Democrat himself, Al Smith, the great American, came before the American people and charged that the leadership of his party was taking the part of Jefferson, Jackson, and Cleveland down the road under the banners of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. And he walked away from his party, and he never returned to the day he died, because to this day, the leadership of that party has been taking that party, that honorable party, down the road in the image of the labor socialist party of England.

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