Reagan Speeches

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Speaking My MindActor, Ideologue, PoliticianA City Upon a Hill

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Ronald Reagan Talks to AmericaThe NotesA Time For Choosing

Speaking My Mind[edit]

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Citizen Speeches included:

Actor, Ideologue, Politician[edit]

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Citizen Speeches Included:

  • "America the Beautiful" (6/52)
  • House Ways and Means Committee (1/58)
  • "Business, Ballots and Bureaus" (5/59)
  • Television Address (11/62)
  • "Let the People Rule" (9/75)
  • Nationwide Campaign Speech (3/76)

A City Upon a Hill[edit]

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Contains the text of Reagan's speeches at CPAC from 1974 to 1988.

Citizen Speeches Included:

  • "We Will Be as a City Upon a Hill..." — January 25, 1974
  • Let Them Go Their Way — February 15, 1975
  • The New Republican Party — February 5, 1977
  • America's Purpose In the World — March 17, 1978

Ronald Reagan Talks to America[edit]

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Citizen Speeches Include (not presented in chronological order in the book):

  • A Time for Choosing: 1964
  • To the Republican National Convention: 1976
  • To the Republican National Convention: 1980
  • On Qualifications for Judicial Appointment: 1980
  • Inner-City Decay: 1980
  • Inflation: The Carter-Reagan Debate: 1980
  • On the Role of the West: 1977
  • On the Western Hemisphere: 1980
  • Arms Control: The Carter-Reagan Debate: 1980
  • Energy: The Carter-Reagan Debate: 1980
  • Highlights of the 1980 Presidential Campaign

Ronald Reagan: The Notes[edit]

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The Notes is not exactly a collection of speeches, rather it is a collection of Reagan's note cards, which he often used in the composition of his speeches.
More on Reagan's note cards from CBS Sunday, Mo Rocca and Drew Carey.

A Time For Choosing[edit]

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Citizen Speeches Included:

  • Encroaching Control — 1961
  • A Time For Choosing — 1964
  • Government And The Family — 1976
  • Reshaping The American Political Landscape: What Is A Conservative? — 1977
  • United States Foreign Policy And World Realities — 1977