The Speech

'The Speech' is often used as a reference to Reagan's 'A Time For Choosing' however, it could be argued that this ('A Time For Choosing') is only one version of one ever-changing speech. In Thomas Evans' The Education of Ronald Reagan, we find the following passage:

Some of the most controversial components of Reagan's views on foreign policy emerge from [Lawrence] Beilenson. In the 1961 version of "The Speech" (at that point called "Encroaching Government Controls") delivered to the Business Institute of New Jersey, Reagan uses the phrase "subversion and treason."

Given the name, time period and content, this was probably very similar to what is available on this website as 'Encroaching Control'. The Education of Ronald Reagan also suggests that Reagan made heavy use of notecards in his speeches, rather than prepared speeches. As Reagan would visit new places, he would swap in cards containing stories and facts that better fit the venue he was visiting. In 'Encroaching Control', for example, he has a line stated that:

In the nearby state of New Mexico, citizens have learned that they can lease state-owned land for 25 cents an acre and immediately apply for and receive $9 an acre in Soil Bank payments to not plant that land.

Since 'Encroaching Control' was given in Phoenix it would make sense for him to throw in a fact that his audience could relate to. In New Jersey, he may have thrown in something about New York or Pennsylvania.

Other Names[edit]

Other versions of 'The Speech' may be named: