Radio Commentary Books

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Reagan: in His Own HandStories in His Own HandReagan: in His Own VoiceReagan's Path to Victory

Reagan: In His Own Hand[edit]

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The first of the Reagan Radio Commentary books. Radio scripts are presented with Reagan's original corrections and grouped by subject matter.

Reagan: Stories in his Own Hand[edit]

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The second book released. A much smaller, shorter book, Reagan's original corrections are removed. Most scripts are already included in other books.

Reagan: In his Own Voice[edit]

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The audiobook companion to Reagan: In His Own Hand. Track list included below. The final disk also includes scans of 18 hand-written Reagan scripts.

Disk 1[edit]

Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 Introduction N/A (Introductory Statements)
02 Looking Out a Window 78-02-B3
03 Looking Out a Window, cont (Additional statements from Nancy Reagan) 78-02-B3
04 Collection summary & editor bios N/A
05 Comments by George Schultz N/A
06 Events of 1975, A Cuba Documentary N/A, 75-03-A6
07 How the radio program started (Peter Hannaford) N/A
08 America's Farmers (Narrator introductions) 75-03-B1 (Farm Facts)
09 Government Land Use Planning 75-04-B2 (Land Planning)
10 Voter Registration Problems 75-05-B5 (Easy Voting)
11 Aftermath of Vietnam 75-08-B2 (Vietnam)
12 Peace 75-08-B4
13 Nuclear Power (Narrator introductions) 75-09-B1
14 Communism the Disease 75-10-A3
15 Inflation as Tax 75-11-A5
16 Letters to the Editor, Law and Order 75-11-B5, 75-12-A2
17 Abortion (Narrator introductions, William P. Clark) 75-07-B3 (Abortion Laws)
18 Adoption 75-09-B5

Disk 2[edit]

Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 The Need for Intelligence (Edwin Meese introduction) 75-16-A1 (CIA Commission)
02 Portraits of Ike & Silent Cal (Michael Deaver introduction) 75-16-A7 (Images)
03 Plight of Native Americans 75-16-B1 (Indians' Plight)
04 Environmental Pollution 75-16-B3 (Pollution #1)
05 Gun & Drug Laws, Hollywood's Communist Conspiracies 75-19-B3 (Gun Laws, Drug Laws), 75-19-B5 (Communist Conspiracy? #2)
06 Events of 1976 N/A
07 Return to Radio 76-01-A1 (Convention #1)
08 Shaping the World for 100 Years to Come (Narrator introductions) 76-01-B5
09 Women's March 76-01-B3
10 Freedom Train, Katyn Forest 76-04-A6, 76-04-B1
11 The Communes 76-04-B7, (Annalise Anderson)
12 Socialism (Narrator introductions) 76-06-B6
13 Soviet Visas 76-06-B7
14 America's Strength 76-07-A6

Disk 3[edit]

Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 Education 1 (Narrator introductions) 76-05-A6 (Education I)
02 Red Hen 76-05-B4
03 Crime 1 76-07-A4 (Crime I)
04 Welfare 76-07-B2
05 Television 76-08-A5
06 Junk Food 76-08-B5
07 None of Their Business (Martin Anderson introduction) 76-10-B5 (Census)
08 Events of 1977, Charity of Americans (Narrator introductions) 76-11-13 (Charity)
09 Redwoods & Environment, Problems w/ Electoral College 76-12-A1 (Redwoods), 76-12-A3 (Electoral College)
10 Capitalism & Environmental Concerns 76-12-B4 (Environment)
11 Religion & Education 76-12-B5
12 Public Servants Can't Strike (Annalise Anderson introduction) 76-14-A4 (Public Servants)
13 The Miranda Decision (Narrator introductions) 76-12-B6 (Miranda)
14 A Commencement Address in China 76-13-A7 (Keng Piao)
15 Drugs & the FDA 76-13-B2
16 The Tragedy of Cambodia 3 76-14-B2 (Cambodia III)
17 Hyphenated Names 76-15-B8 (Names)
18 The Sanctity of Our Homes 76-16-A5 (Man's Castle)
19 Reagan and His Facts Martin Anderson

Disk 4[edit]

Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 Endangered Species (Narrator introductions) 76-16-A7
02 Socialized Medicine, The Bible 76-16-B1, 76-19-A4
03 Kettering 76-19-A5
04 Blackout 76-19-B7
05 Reagan's Theory About the Cold War (Richard Allen)
06 Brezhnev (Kiron Skinner introduction) 76-12-A5
07 Student Letter 76-12-B7
08 Camps (Narrator introductions) 77-20-B4
09 Alaska 77-22-A4
10 The Individual 77-22-B2
11 Freedom 77-22-B6
12 Social Security 77-24-B1
13 Events of 1978 N/A
14 Soviet Space Technology 78-03-A2 (Spaceships)
15 Pres. Carter's Ill-Advised Return of a Gift, Ominous Message from China 78-04-B7 (A Gift), 78-05-A4 (China)
16 Reagan ERA 78-05-A6 (Missing Person)
17 A Christmas Carol from the Ukraine 78-06-A2 (Christmas)
18 A Child's Life & Death 78-06-A4 (Life and Death)
19 The Bravery & Civilizing Influence of Women 78-07-A6 (Women)
20 A Private School Controversy (Tuition Tax Credit) 78-07-A7 (Education)
21 Attempts to Explain Miracles 78-10-A2 (Mirages)

Disk 5[edit]

Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 A small fraction of the total works (Kiron Skinner)
02 A Special Wedding 78-10-B1 (Wedding)
03 Diplomats without Portfolio 78-10-B2 (South Africa)
04 Gun Control Polls 78-12-B2 (Polls and Guns)
05 Guantanamo 78-12-B3
06 Communism and Democracy 78-12-B7 (Two Worlds)
07 Mail 78-13-B2
08 Christmas Toys 78-16-A2 (Toys)
09 A Remarkable Horse and Rider 78-16-A6 (Horse and Rider II)
10 Bane of Springtime Taxes 78-16-B8 (Taxation)
11 The Final Year (Narrator, Nancy Reagan)
12 A Policeman (Narrator introductions) 79-02-B5
13 Conspiracy 79-03-B3
14 Income tax 79-03-B5
15 Long Walk 79-03-B7
16 Nancy 79-04-A1
17 Sex Education 79-08-A3
18 John Wayne 79-09-A1
19 A Green Lawn 79-09-B1
20 Closing thoughts by Kiron Skinner (Narrator, Kiron Skinner) N/A
21 Miscellaneous and Goodbye 79-15-7
22 Final Credits N/A

Reagan's Path to Victory[edit]

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The final book written about Reagan's Radio Commentaries. Like Reagan: In His Own Hand, scripts are presented with Reagan's original corrections and edits. Scripts, this time, are presented sequentially.

Includes a single audio disk containing 22 tracks (3 not included in Reagan: In His Own Voice).


Track Track Title Radio Broadcast   
01 Introduction
02 Pollution #1 (August 1975) 75-16-B3
03 Secret Service (October 1975) 75-20-A3
04 Women's March (09-01-1976) 76-01-B3
05 The Communes (11-02-1976) 76-04-B7
06 Terrorism (11-16-1976) 76-06-A7
07 Tax Limitation (09-27-1977) 77-20-B2
08 Investigative Agencies (10-18-1977) 77-21-B7
09 Freedom (11-08-1977) 77-22-B6
10 Snail Darters (11-29-1977) 77-24-A1
11 National Security (11-29-1977) 77-24-A5
12 Panama (01-27-1978) 78-02-A2
13 Spaceships (02-20-1978) 78-03-A2
14 Salt Talks II (03-13-1978) 78-04-A4
15 Life & Death (02-20-1978) 78-06-A4
16 Women (05-15-1978) 78-07-A6
17 Freedom Of Speech In Russia (06-27-1978) 78-10-A4
18 Wedding (July 1978) 78-10-B1
19 Bi-Lingual (10-10-1978) 78-14-A3
20 Human Rights (03-06-1978) 79-04-B3
21 Patent Medicine I (January 1979) 79-01-A6
22 Afterword- Misc. And Goodbye (10-25-1979) 79-15-7